Feed Barriers

Agritubel manufacture and supply a variety of different feed barriers.

One of the most popular is the “ear tag friendly” diagonal feed barriers.  They are available in sizes from 3m-6m and have a variety of spacing to accommodate everything from calves to fully grown beef cows.

Another popular choice is the adjustable rail barrier to allow you to house different size animals without having to worry about the barrier being too low or high.

We also have barriers to suit horned animals and for the smallest of calves.  All of the Agritubel barriers have telescopic ends to allow them to fit comfortably into the available gap.

Allowance must be made for the 500mm – 750mm underneath the feed barrier.  We can supply a pair of 9” x 3” timbers and hanging brackets to suit or precast concrete panels.

All feed barriers can be mounted either to existing steel work of by using posts. Posts can be either ø 103mm round posts or 178mm x 102mm x 19kg H section stub posts. In our experience H section posts are better options as they provide a flat surface for mounting timbers/ concrete panels underneath