We offer a variety of different gutters to suit the size, location and end use of the building.

 The most popular is the PVC gutter, for this we use Hunter Highflo 170mm wide gutters.Hunter offer a range of high capacity rainwater systems designed to drain even the largest roof areas efficiently, Highflo is designed specifically for commercial and industrial appliances. No bolting together, no messy mastics or short heavy lengths of gutter with lots of labour intensive joints, ideal for new or refurbishment projects, maximum flow area to drain the largest of roofs and less labour intensive due to being light in weight. Suitable for most applications from modern retail parks to traditional agricultural setting.

We also offer a Galvanised steel box gutter – more robust and with a longer lifespan than the PVC gutters. We prefer the external fitted guuter but can supply hidden/eaves beam gutters if required.

For industrial specifications we can also offer the trimline gutter to fit in with composite cladding.

We also design valley and boundary wall gutters to your specific requirements.