FarmFit have developed a range of ergonomically efficient, quality agricultural internals to benefit your farming operations. 

Not only do FarmFit design and manufacture all of their own equipment, they are able to provide a full fitting and installation service and undertake any additional works, which hasn’t been seen before in the industry.

We stock the full range of FarmFit products and we have FarmFit specialists who are on hand to find The Perfect FIT for your Farm: 


After many years of research and development, FarmFit listened to their customers and created a range of stronger, higher and more durable gates to ensure your livestock are protected for years to come.  

  • Designed with stronger hinges, 
  • Range of sizes for all situations, 
  • Offering an extra level of safety and security from the herd and any pushing or jumping, 
  • Recommended for frequent opening and fully extendable to cater for all sizes.

FarmFit experts can assist you in choosing the right cubicle for your herd and advise on all aspects of planning your building.

They can design a layout to ensure you have the right number of cubicles to suit the size of your herd and position them to minimise the soiling of the beds.

The team have years of experience in both dairy and beef cubicle housing and can offer a solution which will provide comfort and promote health benefits. There are many different types, sizes and layouts available, please contact our expert specialists who can tailor a bespoke solution for your needs.

Agritubel Yokes

Agritubel are the European leader in galvanised tubular cattle equipment. Farmfit are able to supply you with the full range of Agritubel Self-Locking Yokes.

Customers already using the Agritubel range of Self Locking Yokes, do so due to the impressive strength of the equipment and the safety measures incorporated in the design to benefit both the herd and the farmer.

It has been proven through years of research that regions commonly utilizing headlocks can provide a number of benefits, mainly providing a safer and more efficient working environment for all.

They offer 3 kinds of Self-Locking Yokes to suit all ages and breeds of animals from Long Pedigree Bulls to calves.

Feed Barriers

Their brand new range of feed barriers has been designed with the health and wellbeing of your herd in mind and to withstand the pressures placed on modern farms. 

  • Extendable end brackets which will enable fitting inside the RSJ if required, 
  • Barriers are designed so they can be angled to give extra stretching room while feeding, 
  • Diagonal bars are sloped to prevent ear tags from catching or ripping, 
  • Calves are less likely to jump through our diagonals, 
  • Our barriers will also prevent bullying within the herd while feeding as each animal can have a fixed feeding space. 
  • Maximising space within your shed, 
  • Suitable for a variety of breeds, 
Posts & Attachments

To view our full range of posts and attachments click here for more details. 

Made to Measure

With many years of experience creating unique solutions for customers, you can be sure that the FarmFit team have a specialist understanding of how to optimise operations in your farm.

The team can provide you with unbeatable advice as they have been at the heart of designing our range through a rigorous research and development process. This means they have unparalleled technical knowledge and understanding of the capabilities of our manufacturing division. 

As one of the only companies in the industry who are able to complete your project from initial conception through installation and after sales support you can be sure that you will receive an unrivalled level of service throughout the entire project and beyond as you join the Farmfit family. 

Whether you are looking for a standard gate or bespoke solution, FarmFit understand that no two farms are the same and they can provide the results to improve your operations.

Lambing Equipment

To view our full range of Lambing Equipment click here for more details. 

Concrete Products

We have teamed up with a range of concrete suppliers who will provide an exceptional level of service and industry knowledge to fulfil your needs. 

From a range of precast products that provide the ideal storage solution or dividing structures; offering a quick and simple solution and a great deal of flexibility and value for money. 

To the precast feeder system that is quick and simple to install and offers a great deal of flexibility compared to a permanent precast fixture. 

To a range of concrete panels and concrete slats that will complete your building and provide a reliable and long lasting solution for years to come. 

Roofing & Rainwater Goods

To view our full range of Roofing & Rainwater Goods click here for more details. 

Mats & Matresses

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Galebreaker products are at the forefront in natural ventilation and protection of Agricultural Buildings. 

Many years of experience, have enabled Galebreaker to develop a range of environmental weather screen
systems which provide ideal housing conditions for healthy, productive livestock.


We offer a variety of different gutters to suit the size, location and end use of the building.

For industrial specifications we can also offer the trimline gutter to fit in with composite cladding. We also design valley and boundary wall gutters to your specific requirements.


At Robinsons we can supply you with your door requirements. We stock and can source spare parts to repair existing doors or quote to replace them completely.

We can supply you with manual roller doors, electric ones for single or three phase supply and we can also
source insulated or alternative doors to suit the use of your building.

Fibre Cement

Profiled Sheeting comes in a wide range of corrosion resistant and low maintenance systems.

There are a number of carefully developed fibre cement profiled sheeting products that are designed to meet all of your building needs.

They are also specifically designed to reduce the visual impact of buildings on the landscape. They are manufactured under the quality management system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001.


We hold a stock of tanalised timber of various sizes in our yard at Lockerbie.

Whether you need to fix cladding, replace purlins or renew sheeting rails, our team can assist in finding the best solution for you.


Our team can supply you with a variety of different cladding materials to repair or re-clad existing buildings.

We can supply single skin box profile with either polyester or more commonly plastisol coating. We also supply vent air sheeting with polyester or plastisol coating.

For insulated buildings we can quote composite panel in a variety of colours and thicknesses or if you prefer we
can quote for a more traditional built up system.

We are also able to supply different roof sheeting materials.