Additional Products


Galebreaker products are at the forefront in natural ventilation and protection of Agricultural Buildings. 

Many years of experience, have enabled Galebreaker to develop a range of environmental weather screen
systems which provide ideal housing conditions for healthy, productive livestock.


We offer a variety of different gutters to suit the size, location and end use of the building.

For industrial specifications we can also offer the trimline gutter to fit in with composite cladding. We also design valley and boundary wall gutters to your specific requirements.


At Robinsons we can supply you with your door requirements. We stock and can source spare parts to repair existing doors or quote to replace them completely.

Sheeted gates are manufactured at Lockerbie and roller doors, personnel doors and fire doors are out sourced.

We can supply you with manual roller doors, electric ones for single or three phase supply and we can also
source insulated or alternative doors to suit the use of your building.

Fibre Cement

Profiled Sheeting comes in a wide range of corrosion resistant and low maintenance systems.

There are a number of carefully developed fibre cement profiled sheeting products that are designed to meet all of your building needs.

They are also specifically designed to reduce the visual impact of buildings on the landscape. They are manufactured under the quality management system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001.


We hold a stock of tanalised timber of various sizes in our yard at Lockerbie.

Whether you need to fix cladding, replace purlins or renew sheeting rails, our team can assist in finding the best solution for you.

Concrete Wall Panels

Walls constructed from pre-stressed panels are extremely damage resistant with the ability to flex and ride impact from machinery and animals and only under extreme pressure would they show any signs of fatigue.

Panels are cast in lengths, as required by the customer and there are a variety of heights and thicknesses. Pre-stressed panels are more time efficient and easier to install, no concrete foundation is required as the panels clip straight onto the supporting structure and quite a large shed could be installed in a day.


Our team can supply you with a variety of different cladding materials to repair or re-clad existing buildings.

We can supply single skin box profile with either polyester or more commonly plastisol coating. We also supply vent air sheeting with polyester or plastisol coating.

For insulated buildings we can quote composite panel in a variety of colours and thicknesses or if you prefer we
can quote for a more traditional built up system.

We are also able to supply different roof sheeting materials.