Dairy Unit, Dumfries & Galloway

Type of Building

Dairy Unit

Works Included

The project included planning, site preparation, refurb on existing building, shuttered concrete tank, steel framed building, concrete floor, concrete panels, drainage,  IAE cubicles, dairy area including working alongside Dairymaster to provide a milking parlour and FarmFit to design internals for the building.

We had previously worked with this customer on several projects to construct a silage pit, cubicle shed, shuttered tank and biomass building and we were delighted to go back and create a brand new Dairy Unit this year after a significant expansion.  

Our customer purchased land on the neighbouring farm, which had actually been the farm his father had grown up on so it was great to be able to help him to expand in this way and carry on his farming legacy.

On this new land, the plan was to create a brand new Dairy Unit to hold a further 320 cows and we looked at a number of different ways that we could maximise space and efficiency of the new space.

The Dairy Unit that we completed for our customer was 340’ x 116’ x 13’ with a 4.6’ cantilever and an apex lean to 180’ x 70’ x 13’.

We also designed the Roof Pitch at 22.5° rather than the standard 15° to ensure that we could maximise ventilation throughout the building.

After careful consideration of the landscape, we wanted to preserve the natural beauty of the area and the colour of the roof was chosen to match and be in keeping with this.



Contract Period

6 Months