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Painted or Galvanised Steelwork?

Mar 1, 2017

When it comes to deciding whether your new building should be painted or galvanised, do you know the differences? Our handy tips below will help you with your decision and our team are on hand to help answer any questions you may have.

Painted steel work is beneficial if you are looking for a cost effective option for your new building and can give your new building a unique aesthetic appearance. It is less expensive than galvanising, however painted steelwork would need to be repainted every 5 years.

Galvanised steelwork would not need to be touched unless it is damaged.  It is also possible to paint steelwork after it has been galvanised which will add additional protection together with an aesthetic and unique appearance.

Hot dip galvanising is when your steel is dipped into molten zinc and heated to around 460 degrees C then removed from the bath and left to cool in a quench tank. The steel is then ready to use.

There are many benefits of using galvanised steel for your building, for example it is maintenance free for over 50 years unless there is extreme damage. It is also a very quick process and it is defined by British Standard BS EN ISO 1461.

The process of galvanising also coats the inside parts of the product, as it is dipped into the melted zinc and this does not exist in other coating methods.

Galvanised steel work is beneficial if your stanchions are going to be in close contact with slurry, manure or silage due to its corrosive nature.

Every building is different and our team here at Robinsons understand that not every building fits into one category and they will be able to find the best solution for your new building.

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Painted or Galvanised Steelwork?