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All Part of the CE Marking Process

Apr 23, 2019

CE Marking is our declaration to you that the product we have manufactured complies with all the essential requirements of the relevant health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

 As of the 1st July 2014, it was mandatory for all steel fabricated products to be CE Marked. This was a major change to the industry and ensures that we all work to the same standards and pay meticulous attention to the EU health, safety and environmental requirements.

With all of our buildings we work to BS EN 1090/1 requirements in accordance with CE Marking.

Mark is our experienced welding and fabricating tester, who has a wealth of industrial engineering experience behind him.   Every one of the steel buildings that leave our site are tested in the following areas as part of our CE marking process:

o   A random sample of dimensions are checked

o   100% of materials are visually weld inspected

o   10% of the building goes through a magnetic partical inspection.   This is done using white contrast paint, magnetic ink and a bespoke magnet.

 CE Marked

Mark has his own non-destructive testing (NDT) number to work under visual ISO 17637standards and MPI ISO17638.   To keep this up to date he needs this renewed and tested every 5 years where he needs a score of 70% or more for a pass .  

As a whole company we are currently working towards ISO 9001.

All Part of the CE Marking Process