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Looking for a new building but not sure where to start? Terminology & Jargon driving you mad?

May 17, 2019

Read our easy A-Z Guide on Agricultural Buildings to help you get started!

Apex: The apex is the highest point of the building where you have the greatest amount of space.

Box Profile Cladding: Suitable for a variety of agricultural and industrial buildings, providing an excellent, durable and aesthetically pleasing finish to all projects. Our team can help you choose the best product to suit your project.

CE Mark: Our declaration to you that the product we have manufactured complies with all the essential requirements of the relevant health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

Doors: Sliding? Roller? Personnel? Have you thought about access in your building and how you could make your work easier? Our team work with a variety of suppliers to make sure we can provide you with the solution that will work for your building.

Elevation Drawings: A drawing that shows the front and/or side of the building that you are planning. A floor plan shows the space from above however the elevation drawing gives you the chance to see everything from other viewpoints. We will draw your building from all angles so that you can visualise the final product.

FarmFit: FarmFit have developed a range of ergonomically efficient, quality agricultural internals to benefit your farming operations.

Not only do FarmFit design and manufacture all of their own equipment, they are able to provide a full fitting and installation service and undertake any additional works, which hasn’t been seen before in the industry.

We stock the full range of FarmFit products and we have FarmFit specialists who are on hand to find The Perfect FIT for your Farm.

Galvanising: Hot dip galvanising is when steel is dipped into molten zinc and heated to around 460°C then removed from the bath and left to cool in a quench tank. The steel is then ready to use. There are many benefits of using galvanised steel for your building, for example it is maintenance free for over 50 years unless there is extreme damage, it is also a very quick process and it is defined by British Standard BS EN ISO 1461.

Galvanised steel is beneficial if your stanchions are going to be in close contact with slurry, manure or silage due to its corrosive nature.

H Beams: A piece of steel that looks like a capital H over its cross section. H Beams are used to carry horizontal gravitational weight.

Interior Design: We have an inhouse design team to assist with the interior design process of the farm buildings we work on. Using SolidWorks, our teams bring our internal drawings to life allowing you to see your layout in 3D. Our attention to detail in these professional drawings are proving very popular with our clients, assisting with the decision-making and manufacturing process.

Joinery: We have an in house joiner that would be able to undertake any works such as stairs, wood work and shop fit outs. Our team have recently been working on a farm diversification project where we are erecting a farm shop with café and kids area; our joiner has been very busy completing all of the internal works for the build.

KS 1000 RW: A trapezoidal-profiled insulated roof and wall panel, which is through fixed and can be used for building applications with roof pitches of 4° or more. The roof and wall panel is available in lengths of up to 29 metres enabling a quick and cost effective installation.

The panel comes in a range of core thicknesses depending on the u-value requirement from 40mm to 150mm.

Lean-to: A lean-to is a building in which the rafters lean against another building or wall. A lean-to can be beneficial is you are looking to create extra space in your building without building a new structure.

Mono-pitch: A mono pitch roof is a single sloped roof surface that is often not attached to another roof surface.

A mono-pitched roof can be a smaller addition to an existing roof, where keeping to the same slope (roof pitch) puts the mono-pitched roof lower than the ceiling height of the main structure.

Netting: Safety of our sites and our teams is one of our top priorities and we have a dedicated netting team that erects our netting system on every building we construct to ensure that our teams and our sites are as safe as possible.

Obtaining Planning: Our team can offer a great value full design and architectural service to meet all your planning and building application requirements. We can prepare, submit and procure planning and building warrant applications for projects of all sizes throughout the UK.

Our in house architectural technicians will guide you through each stage of the design and planning  process and provide expert advice throughout this crucial stage of your project.

Painted Steelwork: Painted steelwork is beneficial if you are looking for a cost effective option for your new building. It is less expensive than galvanising however painted steelwork would need to be repainted every 5 years.

Quadruple Welded Post: These are used to allow you to hang 4 gates of the one post to give you more freedom with the interior design of your building. We can supply the full range of posts and attachments for your building.

Roofing: We can provide several different options for the roofing of your building and our expert teams can help you find the solution that will work best for you including a range of gutter and light ridge solutions.

Silage Clamps: As feed costs and oil prices keep rising, more and more farmers are investing in covered silage pits. Robinsons can quote for a simple self-erect kit through to a fully project managed and erected job. We can offer solutions to ensure you have optimum height, storage and face size.

Test Holes: We have a dedicated ground and concrete works department ensuring that we can provide you with the full project from start to finish. From test holes to your foundations, please just ask our team for a quote.

UK & Beyond Delivery: We have an extensive transport fleet that travels the length and breadth of the UK delivering our buildings and we have even sent buildings as far and wide as New Zealand and Mozambique!

Ventilation: Ventilation is becoming more important with cattle spending more and more time indoors and we can help you to design a layout that will enhance the ventilation within your building. We work closely with a range of companies such as Galebreaker to find the perfect solution for your new building.

Water Products: Water is one of the single most important requirements for your herd. Clean, fresh drinking water is paramount to herd health. They also like to drink together as they are very social animals which can have a larger impact on the placement throughout the building.

Our specialist team can advise you on the best placement of your water drinkers and how to optimise your herds intake of water.

X Rated Quality: We have an experienced welding and fabricating tester, who has a wealth of industrial engineering experience behind him. Every one of the steel buildings that leaves our site is tested in the following areas as part of our CE marking process:

o   A random sample of dimensions are checked

o   100% of materials are visually weld inspected

o   10% of the building goes through a magnetic particle inspection. This is done using white contrast paint, magnetic ink and a bespoke magnet.

Yorkshire Boarding: Spaced vertical boarding is an attractive cladding option for your building which will enhance the ventilation and is also a sustainable option for your project.

Z Purlins: Purlins are horizontal beams that are used for structural support within a building – they take their name from the shape that they make as a ‘Z’ and they tend to be used on larger scale projects as they overlap and are a stronger, sturdier option.

We hope our handy guide has helped explain some of the terms you may hear when discussing your new building but our helpful team are always on hand to take you through each step and explain all the different parts of your project, call our team today to have a friendly chat about how we can make your dreams a reality: 01576 205 905 or email: 


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Looking for a new building but not sure where to start? Terminology & Jargon driving you mad?