At Robinsons, we understand that the design of your new building is one of the most important elements of the building process. 

That's why our team are dedicated to putting your requirements at the forefront of our approach. We understand that not every building fits into one category. If you have an idea, we have the knowledge and ability to help you find the best design solution without compromising on quality and budget. 

We use the latest software to produce accurate detailed drawings for our fabrication workshop in Lockerbie. 


AutoCAD is used to produce the drawings you will receive at the first stages of ordering for your building; they detail the planning elevations, floor plans, foundations and any details for tanks etc. 

AutoCAD allows us to stay at the forefront of design and provide our customers with detailed and precise drawings.

Tekla 2016

Tekla 2016 is used by our drawing office and these are the drawings that our fabricators will use to create your building. Tekla allows us to create detailed, constructible 3D models of our buildings. We can create any type of building from a small shed to a large industrial project. Tekla is precise and allows us to detail every aspect of your new building.